Dell Gold Registered Partner

As a Dell Registered Partner with Gold Partner status, we are permitted the premium managed services and pricing offered by Dell, which translates to improved support services and pricing to our customers.  We are dedicated to providing only premium products and services like what is offered by Dell. Including:

  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Workstations
  • Netbooks
  • Storage and Backup Systems
  • Service Contracts

Dell Knows Small and Medium Business

Dell has been serving small and medium businesses for nearly 25 years and understands your company has unique needs and know a one-size-fits-all approach to IT simply won’t do. That’s why Dell is focused on creating products that enable you to spend time on the things you care about most.


Why Dell Servers?  An essential part of Dell’s IT portfolio, Dell PowerEdge servers have set the industry standard for simplifying operations, driving leading-edge price performance and delivering business relevant IT solutions. Dell’s award-winning servers easily integrate with one another — and with other leading enterprise software products — to help reduce complexity and maximize IT resources. Whether you need systems designed exclusively for your small businesses or enterprise-class data center, Dell has the right servers to fit your business and budget.

PowerEdge Servers

Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers
PowerEdge (T

  • PowerEdge T110
  • PowerEdge T310
  • PowerEdge T410
  • PowerEdge T610
  • PowerEdge T710

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Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers
(M- Series)                                                                  

  • Dell PowerEdge M710HD 
  • PowerEdge M910
  • PowerEdge M610
  • PowerEdge M710

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 Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers 

PowerEdge R210
PowerEdge R310
PowerEdge R410
PowerEdge R510
PowerEdge R610
PowerEdge R710
PowerEdge R715
PowerEdge R810

PowerEdge R815
PowerEdge 2970
PowerEdge R900
PowerEdge R905
PowerEdge R910

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Dell Laptops and Netbooks
Vostro Laptops 1014, 1015, 3400, 3500, 3700, V13, 3300, 1220 Provide essential security, reliability and services for small business.    Contact Us

 Latitude Laptops
E5400, New E5410, New E5510, New E6410, New E6510, 2100 Netbook, New 2110 Netbook, Latitude 13, E4200, New E4310, Latitude Z, New E6410 ATG, XT2 Tablet, XT2 XFR Tablet, E6400 XFR,  
Dell’s best-in-class performance, durability and design with IT friendly management solutions.

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Inspiron & Mini's 
Inspiron 14, Inspiron 14r, Inspiron 15, Inspiron 15r, Inspiron 17r, Mini 10

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Dell Workstations & Desktops

Dell Precision Workstation Desktops
Ultimate Performance for workstation class applications.
Great for Engineers, Architects, DCC and power users running demanding workstation-class applications.

Models: Precision T1500, T3500, T5500, T7500, R5400

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Dell Optiplex Desktops
Mini Towers to towers provide flexibility to your desktop,   Enterprise-level desktop with the highest levels of productivity, security and systems management.

Models: Optiplex 380, 580, 780, 960, 980, 160, XE

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Dell Precision Mobile Workstations
Precision Mobile Workstations 
Design and develop on the go.
Great for Power users running demanding workstation-class applications.

M6500 & M6500 Covet, M4500

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Precision Work Stations Brocure Download the Precision Worskation Brochure


Contact us for additional Dell products available from Ansay Consulting.

Dell Service Contracts

Ansay Consulting can provide your Dell service contract renewals and because of our partner status with Dell we can offer improved options and value.

Dell offers some of the most comprehensive standard service and support contracts for small and medium businesses. Dell also has supplementary service contracts to fit every business need. You get more than a computer from Ansay Consulting, you get a commitment.