Managed Services                                      We are @t your Service

Managed services mean we provide you the services required to minimize your worries about managing your IT resources like Servers and the equipment and data connected to them.

We can tailor these Managed Services based upon your resource requirements to be monthly, weekly, or periodic site visits to review network security, verify server backup functions, and apply the latest hardware or software updates to servers and workstations and their operating systems. We can bolster your existing support or provide your organization with complete systems support.

Using our resources can be a reliable means of insuring your systems and software continue to run without disruptions due to network performance, security problems, spam or loss of data issues.

Remote Monitoring Assistance (RMA)
Using remote monitoring tools and software we can quickly be alerted to and monitor, report and correct issues without any disruptions to your network.  These services are provided to you for a limited monthly investment.

Ansay Rescue 

Use our staff to support yours.  Using the latest connection methods we can use Ansay Rescue to access your computer or your staff's computer's remotely and resolve many problems via the internet from our rescue portal located below. Time is money and when you cannot get to your data, or are having computer or software issues it is critical that you get the support you need right away. This premium managed service is available to our rescue clients for a monthly fee and is customized to your help desk requirements.

Begin an Ansay Rescue connection by first contacting our Technician, then enter your Six-digit code below when prompted by our technician to begin your Ansay Rescue session.

Enter your 6-digit code:

Note: Select
Run when prompted to begin your support Connection.

Whatever support services you require, please contact our sales team to provide you a customized Managed Services Program that works for you.