Ansay Online Backup

Designed for your Small Business or Personal backup requirements, Ansay Online Backup provides you an offsite, secure method to a reliable offsite backup. Backup every Server or PC in your office, and access your data from anywhere. No hardware is required and the redundant servers insure your data will SAFE and not be lost.

Ansay Online Backup provides unlimited versions or your online backup.
Keep an unlimited version history of all your files. Roll back your books to last year’s tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup from and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

Receive the benefit of offsite backups without ever having to worry about where your data is kept and whether you can retrieve it in a Disaster.

Secure Storage. With military-grade encryption, continuous data protection, and global data access, no matter when or where your system crashes, we've got your back.

Are you really sure your backup drive successfully backed up your data? Where is is stored? if you can't answer these questions, please contact us to schedule an installation.



1 Year $59.99
per computer

Unlimited cloud space for a home office or family computer


1 year $99.99
per computer

Unlimited cloud space for a home office or family computer, plus external har-drive backup.


1 year $269.99

250 GB to share between any devices.

Backup for unlimited computers, external hard drives and NAS devices.

HIPAA Compliant

Contact us at any time for additional Server and HIPAA compliant plans.

Ansay Consulting may make further recommendations for a back up appliance that would provide improved transfer of larger data volumes that are frequently changing.  We will review this as an option if it better meets your requirements at an additional cost. Pricing and Availability is subject to change.

Contact us today to have a consultant evaluate your backup requirements and to install Ansay Online Backup.